Meeting booking and customer growth

We put you in touch with the potential customers you need to achieve increased growth.

Over the course of 20 years, we have continuously developed our own methodology for booking meetings and our other services to ensure that you as a customer will get quality meetings and more sales opportunities.

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This is how we work to ensure you have good meetings



We define the target group together, enrich the database (collect data on decision makers) and start the influence.

Leads: The process of generating sales opportunities and leads is now underway, and is being systematized through joint routines.

Booking of meetings

We start carefully, make test calls, give you feedback and adjust if necessary - all to maximize the benefit of your budget.

We will keep you updated. You can easily follow the work we carry out in-house: you receive a daily report from our project manager on the progress.


After our meeting bookers have booked meetings and generated leads, we continue to support you in the further follow-up. We offer advice based on the digital tools you have for further progress. We know that continuity in activity gives better results over time!

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