Marketing for hire

Do you need help with your marketing capabilities in the short- or long term? We can provide the marketing resources with the expertise that you require.

With Venezu, you get a marketing partner who has a different starting point than our competitors, with extensive experience in Google SEO and Inbound marketing.  We offer a comprehensive a suite of services including marketing for hire, digital marketing assistance, lead follow-up calls and cold calling activities.  As the only Norwegian company offering all these services in-house, we provide a seamless and coherent marketing strategy to ensure the successful execution of your campaigns, from start to finish.

We are a partner who can take the phones for you and get a quick response to various campaigns and activities – and make any necessary modifications quickly. Venezu has worked with the IT industry for 20 years and we have unique knowledge of how to succeed with your campaigns and which pitfalls to avoid. In addition, we take a conservative approach to spending: it is important to us that you get the greatest possible value-for-money in everything we collaborate on!

As your marketing partner, we will take responsibility for all, or part, of you marketing tasks, as needed.

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