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Venezu is one of Norway's most respected companies when it comes to helping businesses achieve their sales and marketing goals.  From humble beginnings in Stein Dale's kitchen back in 2003, we have continued to grow and prosper, executing thousands of telemarketing campaigns, and scheduling successful meetings for everything from Norwegian start-ups to the world's largest IT companies. Many of our clients have been with us for almost 20 years and there is a reason for that:   We deliver the quality and results that some of the world's most demanding companies demand in their campaigns, time and time again. 

No other Norwegian company has completed more B2B calls for their customers than Venezu, and can we help you with all your appointment setting campaigns, lead generation, and customer and market research needs, along with various associated telemarketing tasks.

Although appointment setting and telemarketing activities are our 'bread and butter', Venezu is also one of the leading recruitment companies for Norwegian IT companies. 

We have recruited over 300 candidates in the last seven years, with diversity as a core focus of our sourcing process. We recently reviewed the recruitment data in the IT industry covering from 2016-2019, and found that an industry average of only 28% of personnel recruited were women.  Our own data, however, shows that 55% of our placed candidates were women and that 33% of these had one or more parents born abroad.

If your organisational goals include a mission to diversify your workforce, strengthen your global standing and build a successful team, Venezu should be your agency of choice.

As a natural expansion of our core competencies in telemarketing, appointment scheduling and recruitment, we have now extended our services to include Marketing-for-Hire. We are the only Norwegian company that offers the combination of these services with in-house competencies in digital marketing technologies like Google and HubSpot.

If you need part-time marketing assistance, we have the expertise and resources to help grow your business in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

We are proud to say that since the launch of these services in January 2021, it has only taken us 4 months to achieve the same turnover value as that which we took 3 years to achieve when we first started the company 20 years ago.   It is this unique combination of sales and market knowledge that has made our customers so eager to engage with us in our latest offering.

Click through these pages to find out more about Venezu and our suite of services.    We’d love to hear about your project and future vision.  Please click the “Contact Us” link below for our contact details or to send us a message and we will be in touch.  

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