Team rental and placement

Due to demand in the telemarketing segment in recent years, Venezu has invested more in providing temporary staffing services to meet these needs.

Team rental

Many know us from telemarketing, and now, more organisations are requesting our assistance in recruiting full-time resources within temporary services. At the intersection between telemarketing and temporary staffing, we have a number of people on both short- and long-term assignments, and some cases, where the entire new sales department has been sourced through us.

Placement of Own candates

Many companies have identified the candidate they want but are looking for an external company to take the place as the employer for contracts of various lengths. Companies may choose this type of sub-contracting option due to budget constraints not allowing permanent employment at that particular time, or perhaps the market is in flux and economies are unstable, putting pressure on organisations to minimise commitment to adding to their full-time employee overheads.

In these scenarios, Venezu can step in as the employer and contract out the candidate to the company until a permanent position is available, or budget is approved. 


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