Sales and marketing

Our primary target group is the "young and promising" who are looking for their dream job with companies that want motivated employees who can create added value in their role and exceed expectations.

Sales Personnel

This is currently our most popular temp service, providing skilled appointment schedulers and salespeople who actually pick up the phone and call out. At Venezu, we are experts in finding the best sellers and meeting bookers and can provide them to you for as long as your project requires, whether short or long-term. This way our customers can also evaluate whether the candidate is the right person for the job, and a good fit for the team.

Marketing Coordinators and Marketing Managers 

In the past, a marketing resource was not too hard to find, but now companies demand much more than just someone who has studied marketing and maybe have some experience. 

With the growth in Digital Marketing technology and constantly moving goalposts, there is growing demand for marketing resources with digital expertise in Google, Facebook, HubSpot, WordPress and Adobe Suite.  Luckily, we already have these candidates in our database, vetted and ready to go.

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