Customer service, customer care and back office

Kundeservice, kundepleie samt gode kontor og bacoffice-systemer er viktige tema for å optimalisere verdien av eksisterende kundemasse.

Customer service

These skilled employees are available for long and short-term assignments.  If you need customer-service oriented personnel at your call center, helpdesk or customer reception desk, we recommend trying one of our talented employees!  Afterall, this is the type of work that is a core competence at Venezu. 

Customer care

The key to a successful and proactive customer care strategy is ensuring regular contact or touch points with customers, generating positive and timely responses to any queries the customers may have.  These unsolicited follow up calls provide a basis for not only valuable feedback, but an opportunity for the company to further impress the customer, ensuring they feel valued, and nurture the development of loyal, long-term and engaged customer relationships.   

Administration and back office

Many of our employees have been hired out to work with various types of support functions with our clients over both short, and long-term assignments.  Tasks may include all those backlogged administration tasks that build up over time, or campaign-related tasks such as updating databases, and providing support functions for sales, marketing teams and customer service teams. 


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