Websites and universal design

Are you focussing on SEO and optimal indexing and placement in Google, but forgetting about universal design and accessibility requirements for you website to really be optimized?

Illustrasjonsfoto av person som sitter med en mobiltelefonVenezu focuses on cost-effective use of digital tools in the media mix, both in its own marketing and in our comprehensive marketing package, "Marketing for hire".

Our new website, provided by Digitalt Byrå, satisfies the requirements thet both Google and the regulations set for universal design, speed and security. This means that our website provides a good user expreience, which in turn gives us a good ranking in Google.

15% discount - a unique offer to our customers. 

Digitalt Byrå AS now offers a promotional discount of 15% on a new universally designed website. Through our collaboration agreement with Digitalt Byrå, this is an offer lasting until the end of June. If you are considering investing in a new business website, this is an offer you should not miss.

Digitalt Byrå is one of the few suppliers in Norway that can document live websites in accordance with the regulations, as well as Google’s other requirements for speed and security. For 20 years, the company has developed mobilPluss CMS, a separate user-friendly publishing system / CMS with an associated framework for universal design. The company has solid experience and expertise in communication strategy, web design, web structure, user interface, web development and publishing solution / CMS..

Collaboration the strengthens our "Marketing for hire" offer

Through our collaboration, our comprehensive offer to our customers is strengthened. With a universally designed website together with our comprehensive Marketing for Hire offer, an optimal ROI is ensured on the company's marketing activities and marketing budget.


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