Marketing for hire - Packages

How much help do you need? Based on our experience, we recommend one of the following packages:

As your marketing partner, we take responsibility for all, or parts, of the marketing tasks you want to complete. Here are examples of some of the tasks we can assist with:

  • Marketing Strategy: In collaboration with you, we will prepare your marketing and sales strategy, we implement the marketing plan and do follow-up and analysis of activities.
  • Campaign Execution: Venezu can create campaign content, set up landing pages, publish the content in relevant channels, analyse and follow up on the results.  We also work with your sales department for lead management and database maintenance.
  • Website Optimisation and Google Administration: Venezu is a partner of both HubSpot and Google, and we handle everything - reviewing, analysing, and adjusting your digital marketing tools, setting up your Google Ads account and optimising them.  We will review content on your web pages, select and implement key words and phrases to ensure you can build your online visibility and reach your intended audience.   We can design and build landing pages for campaigns and create a blog for the company to further increase site traffic.  Click here for more information on our digital services.
  • Channel Content Creation: Our team is great at content creation, and since the beginning, we have been assisting clients with these tasks.  We take on the responsibility for assessing which channels are best to reach your target market, planning and creation of content in all channels, and publishing and maintaining these channels during your campaign. 

To assist our clients in budgeting and planning, we have created marketing packages to suit various company sizes and marketing needs.

Services are available at an ad-hoc rate, with no binding contracts, or you may select a package based on set hours per month dependent on the size of your campaign, tasks and requirements.

Read more about our digital marketing services that can help you increase your sales or contact us for a quote.

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