For many, Inbound Marketing and HubSpot are two sides of the same coin, but there are a number of other tools that do exactly the same thing.

Under forrige punkt, Inbound Marketing, leste du om de fire stegene som danner logikken for softwareverktøy som Hubspot.

Exactly what is Hubspot?

HubSpot is the market leading digital tool for managing marketing, sales and customer service.  The reason behind HubSpot’s success is that it helps you to not only grow your customer base, but also retain it.  The fact that you can do everything in one system also contributes to its popularity.

If you google “HubSpot” you will find endless articles about the software, but in short, it can be used for the following: 

CRM tools 

At the core of the system is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.  This is imperative to having an overview of new and potential customers and managing their data. With this system, you can easily collect email addresses and communicate with new and existing customers. 

Landing Pages and Search Engine Optimization

HubSpot includes a tool for creating web pages for campaigns, which is also an excellent tool for creating and maintaining your corporate blog. It is all about content and communicating with customers.  Integration with Google allows us to carryout search engine optimization (SEO) in the software to further drive traffic and increase visibility. 

Social Media

You can control all your digital marketing in social media from the HubSpot platform: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.  This makes it easy to communicate and maintain control over what goes out.

The landing pages can be customized for the individual user and one has an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to analysis in one place. If you want, you can replace your existing pages with HubSpot 100%, but it can also be used in addition to your existing web pages. Of course, there is also live chat so that one can communicate with customers and various forms of feedback.

Hubspot and appointment booking

HubSpot also has a great appointment setting app that allows customers and potential customers to go straight into your calendar and book an appointment directly with you. Once they have registered with their email address, you will also be able to monitor which of your pages the customers are in and looking at, and you can then call them, make an appointment with a targeted sales message and close the sales in the meeting.

Ultimately, the goal is to "excite" the customers to see you not only as a supplier, but a trusted partner, and move them from customers to ambassadors for your business.  


If you are considering investing in HubSpot, please feel free to talk to us about our own experience with the platform.  For years we have worked within the system, not just as a partner company, but as actual hands-on users, with real insights on successful implementation and we can provide advice based on how we see the most professional organisations incorporating it in their marketing strategies for appointment setting and digital services.   


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