Event registration activities

There are four different activities we work with: seminar / webinar, courses, kick-off meetings and roundtable events.

Venezu has assisted with everything from arranging countless roundtables to filling seminars with several hundred participants.

Some customers will get us involved from the start to provide a personalised campaign to invite participants to various events.  Other clients may have carried out an internal digital campaigns or promotional activities but have not received the response they desired.  In these cases, our team will contact the target group, generate buy-in and commitment, and ultimately ensure the event goes ahead successfully.  

The planning and preparation for our event registration projects is similar to the process carried out for our appointment setting and other telemarketing campaign services.  We will collaborate with you to ensure all bases are covered, and of course, sufficient time for this phase is ideal, but we will discuss the options and outlook with you, and make recommendations to ensure we achieve the best possible results, even at short notice.   

Get in touch with us as soon as you decide to hold an event, and we will leverage almost 20 years of experience to make sure you get enough participants registered.  We can even assist with digital campaigns to support the activity!


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