Data collection

We help you reach your target group and get answers to your questions!

Venezu helps you to collect data on target groups, gain insights into important topics and gather those valuable answers from the market to support sound, strategic business decision-making.

Every year we do dozens of surveys through telephone, online surveys or personal interviews. We work exclusively with the corporate market, which means that our employees are experts at talking to decision-makers in a skilled way that creates added value for you as a customer.

We help you with the following services to ensure that you get the best possible results and quality service:

  • Preparation and recommendations.
  • Data collection.
  • Data management for quality assurance of the answers
  • Reporting of data collection results, whether continuously or following completion of a project.

This is a service that helps you gather the data you need to make the right strategic choices, whether you are looking for new customers or planning for customer growth strategies and want to gain insights into the target group prior to investing in major projects.


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