Customer data

Dette er en tjeneste det er lett å komme i gang med og hvor vår kompetanse og erfaring bidrar til å øke antallet positive svar.

There are three different data collections we contribute with: collection of lists and customer data, GDPR verification and customer data management.

Data Processor Agreement
Before we start with these projects, a data processor agreement with Venezu must be in place to allow us to act on our client’s behalf in the data collection projects. We will define the expectations together, set up a project manual for progress and reporting, and do the preparatory work with the lists before we start contacting the target group.

The purpose of the data collection activity we carry out will determine which method we deploy. For example, if you want us to correct customer lists to update your CRM system, we will primarily be in touch with administration personnel at the relevant organisations, as this will achieve the goal and save time in your project.

On the other hand, if you want to qualify potential customers prior to starting a digital campaign for this target group, then we must abide by the GDPR regulations. In doing this, we must talk to each of the target individuals and obtain their consent before we can add them to your digital communication campaign.

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