Appointment Setting Services

This service is divided into four different services: appointment setting, lead generation, promotions and sales.


All companies want more customers, and we help build your prospect list through mapping, generating leads and booking new B2B meetings. Our activities follow our methodology and are divided into the following phases:

The most important thing for success with a good meeting booking / appointment setting campaign lies in the preparation. We collaborate with you to establish the key criteria for success, help with the database (lists), define responsibilities and actions, and jointly agree on expected outcomes.

Of course, sufficient time in this phase is ideal to ensure that all details are properly in place. But, even if your campaign needs to be expedited, we will engage the necessary resources to get it up and running on time.

Once the groundwork is in place, we begin your campaign. This phase is critical, and it is important that we get all the details right from the start. We ensure this by starting carefully, making test calls, and providing you with feedback to work on adjustments as needed. Through this method, we can help you to maximize your return on the investment and achieve success through a targeted campaign.

Meetings and lead generation
After the first two phases are completed, we move to the main phase of the campaign. The number of meetings and leads we generate will be a function of your campaign goals: some want us to book every possible meeting to reach more potential customers for further qualification through their own sales team.
Where our clients’ focus is on attending to more “qualified” leads, our team will ask a mix of standard and in-depth questions to collect comprehensive opportunity information, identifying the needs and motivation of the prospect, thus preparing your sales team for targeted meetings.

Feedback Loop
Customer service is important to us. To ensure our clients receive the level of service they require, we have several reporting processes that we can incorporate to keep you updated and in the loop on the campaign progress.
You will receive a daily report from our project manager about the progress and we report through our custom developed call management application. For in-house scopes, you can easily follow our progress if we are working through your CRM system, or we can use Microsoft Teams call lists. Depending on the campaign format, we will provide you with the options that can give you the best possible experience throughout the project, and you can choose whichever method you feel will meet your needs.

Continuing the sales process
After the meetings have been booked and the qualified leads have been generated, this part of the appointment setting campaign has been completed. From here, you can choose whether your sales team will follow up the target group or if you would like us to assist further.

Frequently, our clients will choose to hold the initial meetings themselves and ask us to take on further follow-up activities afterwards. Here we can assist with advice, on the best path forward based on your needs, growth strategy and any digital tools you have available.
From experience, we know that the longer the campaign runs, the better the end result!


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